The Rising Tub by Sammi

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Whenever the pals climbed into Mr. Archimedes’ ordinary bathtub, it overflowed making a watery mess, which they hated because they had to clean it up. Wombat was blamed…

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ISIS and Iraq are just fighting over a pickle!

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We start out with our CNN Student News clip for the day, then progress to watching the full 14-minute clip of President Obama’s speech on ISIS via the Times. Then, we read Fox News’ take and a New York Times article on the video. As we are discussing the issue, Nate looks at the graphic available on the Times article and says that it would be “easy” to take out ISIS in Rutba, Iraq, since it is so far from the other ISIS-controlled areas. This gives me an introduction to discussing the costs of war and morality issues about killing others – including innocent civilians. It’s an ongoing talk we have as we learn about historical wars and conquests and current events as well. We discuss risking American lives for affairs in another country that may or may not be our business including the long term effects of action or inaction.

Nate responds that we should do something to “protect innocent people and save their lives.”

I replied to him that “it certainly is a pickle” and one discussed and debated ad nauseam in our society.

“What is a pickle?” Sammi piped up.

I explained that its a tricky situation or dilemma.

She responded, “Oh! It’s like there’s a pickle and two people are fighting over it and its really hard to see who should have the pickle. It’s like ISIS and Iraq are fighting over the same thing – the pickle – and we don’t know who deserves the pickle!” Pickles are actually something fought over in our house quite often. Everyone, except Aaron, wants the pickle.

The things they come up with and the connections they make always blow my mind. :)

Kids are Strange, Yo

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My almost two year old is crawling around on the floor blowing so vigorously he’s spitting. I find this behavior a little strange. Upon closer inspection, he’s trying to blow a tiny shred of paper in a path along the floor – and he’s succeeding. This is highly entertaining to him apparently.

Cacophony of Love

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I’m mentally gearing myself up for the next 20 years in this exact moment that Gabriel is crashing around upstairs, running around like a mad man and jumping incessantly while chanting MY-DADA-MAMA, Nate is chattering loudly with extreme excitement about Webelos, and Sammi is responding with information about her Girl Scouts program. Cassiel is still taking a nap and the noise level is already extreme.




I’m loving it.

Ant Farm – Day 4

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I ain’t raisin’ no nudists

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I’m chilling out in the living room, checking my e-mails and getting things organized for the week. Suddenly I overhear this excited statement from the dining room: “HEY SAMMI! Check it out! We’re both wearing pants!”

Well… color me relieved.

Ant Farm Day 2

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Helmet Hair

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“Just from looking at the picture, do we know who this woman is?” I pointed at the illustration depicting three women standing together in The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden, and Christina Balit, tapping on the woman with the owl.

Nate nodded, “Yeah. That’s Athena.”

“How do we know? I asked.

“She’s got an owl and a helmet, ” Nate said. He added, “She’s got really thin hair, too, which is because she has total helmet hair from wearing that helmet her whole life.” He emphasized the last two words by widening his eyes and dropping his jaw.

Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite

Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite

That’s right. Beware of helmets, ladies and gents. It makes your hair thin.