Kids are Strange, Yo

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My almost two year old is crawling around on the floor blowing so vigorously he’s spitting. I find this behavior a little strange. Upon closer inspection, he’s trying to blow a tiny shred of paper in a path along the floor – and he’s succeeding. This is highly entertaining to him apparently.

Cacophony of Love

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I’m mentally gearing myself up for the next 20 years in this exact moment that Gabriel is crashing around upstairs, running around like a mad man and jumping incessantly while chanting MY-DADA-MAMA, Nate is chattering loudly with extreme excitement about Webelos, and Sammi is responding with information about her Girl Scouts program. Cassiel is still taking a nap and the noise level is already extreme.




I’m loving it.

I ain’t raisin’ no nudists

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I’m chilling out in the living room, checking my e-mails and getting things organized for the week. Suddenly I overhear this excited statement from the dining room: “HEY SAMMI! Check it out! We’re both wearing pants!”

Well… color me relieved.

Tuna Salad. Yum.

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“It smells like tuna salad sandwiches in here,” mutters my ten year old.

My daughter responds, “Yeah. Gabe pooped.”

That’s Intense

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I queued up my old favorite because I needed a laugh. When it was done, Nate’s eyes were huge and he solemnly muttered, “That was really intense.”

He followed it up with, “Do you know her or something?”

The Fates Had Cut His String

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We were reading The Great Alexander the Great this morning, and the kids were a little distraught over the fate of Bucephalus. Both were quite happy that Alexander named a city after his strong warhorse, though.

Fast forward a few hours when Nate suddenly and for no apparent reason spoke out, “I was really sad to hear that Bucephalus died. I knew he would, but I didn’t know that way.” He took a deep breath and mournfully said, “I guess the fates had cut his string.”