Reality Check: Time Passes

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Hermione_Granger_posterharry-oscarsnubs-3“Hey, hon, what’s your favorite Harry Potter character?” I asked innocently as we wandered around the house during our early morning drinking-coffee-and-chatting-over-breakfast routine.

“Hmm. Harry Potter,” Samantha responded thoughtfully.

I hesitated, “Huh. I thought it would have been Hermione. She’s my favorite.”

Sammi’s eyes got wide. “Really? I thought it would be McGonagall. She’s strict but nice.”


I was speechless. “Uuuuhhh,” I drew out, “When I started reading this book series I was about your age. McGonagall definitely wasn’t my favorite. …But now that I think about it, … I’ll accept that.”




MEEP MEEP! An unfortunate misunderstanding.

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Wile E Coyote from Looney Tunes“Sammi! LOOK! Mom and Dad bought us Carcassonne Big Box 5!” Nate exclaimed with abandonment.

Sammi replied, “Yeees! Mimi Meeple!”*

“Ooh! It’s like when the coyote runs around saying MEEP MEEP with that one bird thing!”

…This is the point in which I was laughing so hard I couldn’t quite catch my breath.

Roadrunner from Looney Tunes

*While playing the iPad version of Carcassonne, the kids learned about Meeples. Around that same time, Gabriel couldn’t say “Sammi,” but instead could only say “Mimi.” Thus, Mimi Meeple, Sammi’s Carcassonne-playing alter ego was born.

Reason #542,789 for Why I Love Classes at the Arts Guild

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The reason is that I get to see super cool things other people are doing – and show them to our kids. We were just upstairs in the clay studio at the Northfield Arts Guild looking at the neat pieces (in-progress and glazed and fired awaiting pickup) and then came down to the family lounge and found these!

I love this place!

When was that Eiffel Tower built again?

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We were doing homeschool lite during the summer (heretofore dubbed “Science Summer”), so I decided to do a quick review of what we’d learned so far about the medieval time period in history.

I ask, “Why did Clovis select Paris for his capital?”

Sammi, thoughtfully, “Uuuuummmmmmm…. Because of the Eiffel Tower?”

Cue hilarity.

How is the word NOT spelled?

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Me: “Hey, kiddo, you keep making a mistake on this spelling word!” I pointed at the word dosn’t on his sheet and then handed it back to him, “Let’s have a learning moment.”

Nate: “Ugggggh!”

Me: “How do you spell the word does?”

Nate: “D-O-E-S.” Then a massive heaving sigh.

Me: “How is the word not spelled?”

He starts cracking up, “D-O-S.”

Me: “No, how is the word not spelled?”

Him, getting frustrated now, “D-O-S! I know!”

Light Bulb


Me: “OH! How do you spell the word not?”

Both he and his sister are now laughing, clutching their sides, chortling. “OH! I thought you meant how not to spell does, Mom!” It’s N-O-T!”

Then I showed him how you take does and not and smush them together with an apostrophe replacing the “o.” We’d gone over it before, but he had forgotten.

“I got it now,” he grins.

We’ll find out tomorrow. :)

Definition of Bowling

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Sammi: “Ooh! I have a Girl Scouts thing today?”

Aaron: “Yes, bowling this afternoon. Do you remember the last time you went bowling?”

Sammi: “No.”

Aaron: “Do you know what bowling is?”

Sammi: “Yeah, you take this really, really, really heavy ball and you throw it down the bowling thing at the bowling, uh, sticks and try to knock them down!”

There you have it guys! We eschew technical terminology around here.