How is the word NOT spelled?

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Me: “Hey, kiddo, you keep making a mistake on this spelling word!” I pointed at the word dosn’t on his sheet and then handed it back to him, “Let’s have a learning moment.”

Nate: “Ugggggh!”

Me: “How do you spell the word does?”

Nate: “D-O-E-S.” Then a massive heaving sigh.

Me: “How is the word not spelled?”

He starts cracking up, “D-O-S.”

Me: “No, how is the word not spelled?”

Him, getting frustrated now, “D-O-S! I know!”

Light Bulb


Me: “OH! How do you spell the word not?”

Both he and his sister are now laughing, clutching their sides, chortling. “OH! I thought you meant how not to spell does, Mom!” It’s N-O-T!”

Then I showed him how you take does and not and smush them together with an apostrophe replacing the “o.” We’d gone over it before, but he had forgotten.

“I got it now,” he grins.

We’ll find out tomorrow. :)


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Yesterday we were in the process of completing our spelling test (we use the AVKO Sequential Spelling program) when we realized that the word attend was listed twice. The way the program works is that you complete a different 25-word spelling test every day with the words getting sequentially more difficult while using the same word families. So, yesterday we had attend as one of the words, today we had attends, tomorrow we’ll have attended, and the day after we’ll have attending – except attend wasn’t just one of the words yesterday, it was two. Whoops.

Today when I gave them the test I got to number eight on day 74 and I started laughing. I always give the words with the following pattern: “Word. Here’s a sentence using that word. Word.” So, while laughing, I say, “SHOCKER! Now we have attend a second time. That’s shocking, right?” They started writing without thinking and then both of them stopped and started snort-laughing hysterically.

“The word isn’t SHOCKER, is it, Mom?” Nate asked, snickering mid-words.

Haha. Whoops again.

She Wants to Ex-cape from this Es-panded Spelling Test

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I handed back her spelling paper because she’d misspelled a ton. The way our program works is that I give the word, they write it down, I show them the spelling, and they correct their mistakes. She hadn’t corrected her mistakes. (!!!) This is a common problem.

“Sammi, I can’t even read this word at all.” I say, showing her.

She frowns, “Oh, yeah. How do you spell ex-cape?” She pronounced it ex-cape.

“There’s no such word as ex-cape. The word is escape, and it isn’t one of our spelling words today,” I respond.

“Yes, it was,” she says while staring down at her paper. “I’m talking about ex-cape, like, ‘I ex-caped from the trap.'”

I repeat, “There’s no such word as ex-cape. The word is escape, and it isn’t one of our spelling words today…”

She interrupts me, mid-way through, “Yes, it is.

I huff. I’ll own up to it. I huffed. Then I patiently said, “No. The word was expanded not escape, which is spelled with an s, not an x.”

“Oh.” She sighs. “I can’t read my own handwriting.”

Yeah. Me neither, dear. Me neither.