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I don’t mind arthropods for the most part, and I actively enjoy pollinators and fun bugs.

However, I cannot tell this lie. At least three times while looking down at the palm of my hand in the shower this morning, my heart about climbed out my mouth.


I need to be less good at making squashed arachnid calligraphy art for my own health.

Ink Stained

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Well, the first try at teaching myself calligraphy is going splotchingly!






Alexander and Bucephalus

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Alexander & Bucephalus

We’ve finished up our ancient Greece history unit and capped it with mapwork, copywork, discussions, literature, research, and videos about Alexander the Great. While I read to the Bigs, I asked them to quickly use marker to sketch an outline drawing of Alexander and Bucephalus from this photo available on the Wikimedia Commons:

Believe it or not, we’ve all improved over time! 😉