Fun Way to Practice Multiplication Facts from 1-9

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A few months ago I stumbled across this small, wooden multiplication table on Amazon. My kiddo on the autism spectrum really despises doing math worksheets. Despite his love and obsession with routine, he also despises doing the same math facts over and over again. I saw this and immediately heard Gru in my head.

Given to us as a gift by a family member; purchased at Amazon.

Given to us as a gift by a family member; purchased at Amazon.

We were lucky enough to end up getting this as a present from one of our family members (who saw it on my homeschooling wish list). Originally, the kids weren’t too interested. But then, I turned it into a game.

Small Multiplication Table

When you do this, try to actually get the blocks IN the bowl.


Every morning, I dump the small wooden blocks into a bowl. Or a cup. Or whatever surface is handy. Then I jumble them all up. Or the kids jumble them all up. Or my one year old jumbles it all up and then pops one into my hand and one into his mouth. Whoops.

However it happens, what matters is that after the facts get jumbled up, they get unjumbled one by one. Read out loud the fact. Have the kids shout out the answer. Toss the block to the one who got it right. They put it back in the times table where it belongs. When they’re all back nestled into their homes, the game is over.

At least until tomorrow.

What would you do with a times table like this?