When I introduced my children to high-class* Norwegian music…

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We’re on a  Brain Scoop bender, which involves a lot of  “AAAH CHECK THAT OUT” and “Ooooh, I didn’t know that!” and sometimes, “YES! YES! THE GROSSOMETER!” Please tell me that my children are not the only ones psyched every time the meter points to HOLY F****! Please.

So we were watching the episode Ask Emily #6 when the question popped up, “What does the fox say?” Check it out:

When my kids didn’t laugh uproariously, I knew that I had to share the joke. First, I primed them by showing them what foxes REALLY say.

Then, I introduced them to the best Internet meme in September 2013. Behold Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis.

I also pointed out that part of the lyrics talks about elephants “toot”ing – which is not the sound we make for elephants, so a discussion ensued about how children around the world are taught and make different animal sounds.


*Yeah, yeah, it’s not really high-class Norwegian music. It’s comedy… but it is pure gold, baby. Pure gold.


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