Owie, owie, ouch, ouch. My tummies hurt.

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A: And so there's a stomach, there's a stomach, there's a stomach, and there's a stomach.

E: So I've got a stomach in my hand?

A: Yeah.

E: Ooh! [gasp] what's in there? 

A: Um, tissue seems to separate them.

E: [Gasp] What in the world!

A: There's texture on the inside of the stomach and this is to help, like, grind up all that, uh, the grain, the grass, all that stuff that they eat, that they're constantly regurgitating and swallowing again.

E: That's amazing. Woah. They all have different textures. One was honeycomb, that one looks more web like.

A: So this stomach is much, like, thicker.

E: That's awesome. I'm just trying to imagine what it must feel like to have four stomachs. This is crazy.

Nate, while completely absorbed in the episode, responds wryly, "Four stomach aches."

I could hear the unspoken, "Duh."

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