How is the word NOT spelled?

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Me: “Hey, kiddo, you keep making a mistake on this spelling word!” I pointed at the word dosn’t on his sheet and then handed it back to him, “Let’s have a learning moment.”

Nate: “Ugggggh!”

Me: “How do you spell the word does?”

Nate: “D-O-E-S.” Then a massive heaving sigh.

Me: “How is the word not spelled?”

He starts cracking up, “D-O-S.”

Me: “No, how is the word not spelled?”

Him, getting frustrated now, “D-O-S! I know!”

Light Bulb


Me: “OH! How do you spell the word not?”

Both he and his sister are now laughing, clutching their sides, chortling. “OH! I thought you meant how not to spell does, Mom!” It’s N-O-T!”

Then I showed him how you take does and not and smush them together with an apostrophe replacing the “o.” We’d gone over it before, but he had forgotten.

“I got it now,” he grins.

We’ll find out tomorrow. :)

Definition of Bowling

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Sammi: “Ooh! I have a Girl Scouts thing today?”

Aaron: “Yes, bowling this afternoon. Do you remember the last time you went bowling?”

Sammi: “No.”

Aaron: “Do you know what bowling is?”

Sammi: “Yeah, you take this really, really, really heavy ball and you throw it down the bowling thing at the bowling, uh, sticks and try to knock them down!”

There you have it guys! We eschew technical terminology around here.

Owie, owie, ouch, ouch. My tummies hurt.

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Emily Graslie: “That’s awesome. I’m just trying to imagine what it must feel like to have four stomachs. This is crazy.”

Nate’s response…

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When I introduced my children to high-class* Norwegian music…

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We’re on a  Brain Scoop bender, which involves a lot of  “AAAH CHECK THAT OUT” and “Ooooh, I didn’t know that!” and sometimes, “YES! YES! THE GROSSOMETER!” Please tell me that my children are not the only ones psyched every time the meter points to HOLY F****! Please.

So we were watching the episode Ask Emily #6 when the question popped up, “What does the fox say?” Check it out:

When my kids didn’t laugh uproariously, I knew that I had to share the joke. First, I primed them by showing them what foxes REALLY say.

Then, I introduced them to the best Internet meme in September 2013. Behold Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis.

I also pointed out that part of the lyrics talks about elephants “toot”ing – which is not the sound we make for elephants, so a discussion ensued about how children around the world are taught and make different animal sounds.


*Yeah, yeah, it’s not really high-class Norwegian music. It’s comedy… but it is pure gold, baby. Pure gold.


October 8, 2014 “Blood Moon”

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We (the adults and the Bigs) had the pleasure of waking up at 6 am today in order to catch a glimpse of the so-called “Blood Moon.” The total lunar eclipse was was the second red moon of this year.

Blood Moon - October 8, 2014

Nate thought it was “amazing” and said he’d never seen anything like it. Sammi only lasted a few moments in the cold before she was inside under some covers. It is most definitely Autumn.

Also exciting was getting a really good look at Orion!



Aaron originally heard about the event via Minnesota Public Radio. The Bigs and I enjoyed watching a ScienceCasts from NASA video yesterday in preparation for our morning viewing.