The Rising Tub by Sammi

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There was once a man weirdly named Mr. Archimedes, a kangaroo who heard very well, a fuzzy wombat, and a horned goat. Was the curious Mr. Archimedes named this because he fawned over arches? They didn't know! The pals lived in attractive ancient Greece, which was bountiful with enough food for them to survive.

Whenever the pals climbed into Mr. Archimedes' ordinary bathtub, it overflowed making a watery mess, which they hated because they had to clean it up. Wombat was blamed for making the water rise, so the animals made Wombat stay out of the tub. The water level still changed as the animals got in and out. They were extremely confused about why the water did this, so the extraordinarily swimming pals decided to measure the water when they went in and out. The pals began amusing themselves by jumping in and out of the water because they thought it was so funny.

Once Mr. Archimedes and the animals measured the remarkably rising water, which was soapy and warm, Kangaroo decided something. Kangaroo thought that Mr. Archimedes should have the marble bath all to himself. Once the animals gave Mr. Archimedes the bath all to himself, they figured it out! Mr. Archimedes shouted, “Eureka! Eureka!” (Eureka means “I have found it.”) Objects, including humans, make water rise depending on how much space the object takes up.

Moral: Do not fill the tub too high or you'll make a mess that you have to clean up!

This is Sammi's written description of the book Mr. Archimedes' Bath. Her assignment was: (1) distill the important parts of the book down to the characters, plot, conflict, and conclusion and note each in the IEW story model format, (2) re-write the book in her own words using her story model.


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