Pee-Soaked Pants and Persistence by Nate

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Once Alexander was with his father, Philip, when his father commanded, “Alexander, come with me to the paddock and you can choose a horse for war.”

“Awesome!” Alexander shrieked.

When they got there they immediately saw a black stallion, who was whinnying and bucking. Alexander loved the black color so he asked Philip, “Father can we get him?”

“I don’t know,” Philip commented. “He’s a beauty all right.”

Alexander announced, “I will tame him. He’s scared of his shadow!”

Philip scoffed, “I’d like to see you try.”

Alexander grumbled, “I will do it, whatever it takes.”

Philip insisted he seriously wouldn’t attempt it, which was foolhardy. But Alexander was as sturdy as a brick wall, “I have to.”

Philip demanded, “WHY?!”

“Because it’s for the horse’s good.”

“Fine!” Philip snarled, “Do it your… own way!”

Then Alexander ran to the horse. “Its name is Bucephalus,” affirmed the stable master.

“O.K.” Alexander exclaimed.

Bucephalus reared because he was frightened. The stable master gave Alexander the lead rope and ran off. Alexander turned Bucephalus to the sun, mounted him, and urged the horse to a gallop. Bucephalus was tamed and calm. He loved Alexander now! Bucephalus put on all his speed. Alexander loudly whooped, “OOOHHH YYYYEEAAAHH!” Suddenly he exclaimed, “OOF!” and he fell off! “I’m o.k!” he affirmed. “Ow.”

Philip cracked up! “That was funny!” He laughed so hard he peed his royal pants, which was really embarrassing.

“Oh, poop.” Philip gasped.

The end.

Moral: Never give up.

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