Tuna Salad. Yum.

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“It smells like tuna salad sandwiches in here,” mutters my ten year old.

My daughter responds, “Yeah. Gabe pooped.”


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I don’t mind arthropods for the most part, and I actively enjoy pollinators and fun bugs.

However, I cannot tell this lie. At least three times while looking down at the palm of my hand in the shower this morning, my heart about climbed out my mouth.


I need to be less good at making squashed arachnid calligraphy art for my own health.

Ink Stained

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Well, the first try at teaching myself calligraphy is going splotchingly!






That’s Intense

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I queued up my old favorite because I needed a laugh. When it was done, Nate’s eyes were huge and he solemnly muttered, “That was really intense.”

He followed it up with, “Do you know her or something?”

The Fates Had Cut His String

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We were reading The Great Alexander the Great this morning, and the kids were a little distraught over the fate of Bucephalus. Both were quite happy that Alexander named a city after his strong warhorse, though.

Fast forward a few hours when Nate suddenly and for no apparent reason spoke out, “I was really sad to hear that Bucephalus died. I knew he would, but I didn’t know that way.” He took a deep breath and mournfully said, “I guess the fates had cut his string.”